Lifestyle Medicine Consultation with Dr. Qadira (Initial, Family)

$550.00 USD

Take your family's health into your own hands - with expert physician guidance to support you along the way. 

What you'll get in this 120-minute comprehensive initial family session:

  • Ample time with your lifestyle medicine physician to delve into your family's unique health history
  • In-depth assessment of current health patterns and related lifestyle habits
  • Creation of a family-centered lifestyle wellness plan to begin your family's journey towards better health
  • Initial consensus-driven priority setting for lifestyle behavior change
  • Ideal for family units living together (1-2 adults plus 1 or more school-aged children) and looking to make similar lifestyle changes as a unit

After one or two follow-up sessions, you may decide to purchase a membership package for longer-term work together.  This option may be discussed at any visit. 

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