7 Days of Plant-Based Snacks

Learn How a Plant-Based Pediatrician Mom Does Snack Time with Less Stress!


“Mom, I’m hungryyyyyy.”

These words seem to be on repeat these days. Often, the routine may be to grab a quick bag of cookies or chips, and then send them on their way. But, what inevitably happens a short time later? The exact same routine on repeat.   

Why does this happen?  Most processed snacks are full of sugar, salt and saturated fats that hype kids up before a sugar crash.  That crash leaves kids hungry asking for another snack to feel better again. The typical snacks don’t keep kids full, and they are full of things that don’t keep kids healthy, either.  

But, there is another way! 

Enter in nourishing, fiber-filled plant-based snacks made from real foods, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  Not only does real food taste good, but real food is good for us.  When we understand how certain foods serve our bodies towards greater health, it deepens the connection to those foods.  That’s why I’ve decided to share not only recipes, but also key nutrition nuggets about the plant-power contained  in each snack.

Many of us could use more of these real, wholesome foods on our plates, but time sometimes feels against us. As a busy doctor mama, I’m here to show you that it can be done and it can be done easily.  

Join me in, Snack Rx, a seven day plant-based adventure, to learn how to overhaul snack time for healthier, happier kids!


  • Seven easy, delicious plant-based snack recipes 

  • Exposure to the health benefits of plant-based eating

  • Peace of mind from offering healthy swaps for common processed snacks

  • Creative ideas for serving more fruits, vegetables, whole grains to your child

Price: $14.95 

PS: I get how overwhelming feeding kids at snack time can be, especially in the midst of pandemic parenting.  This mini-course is an easy way to pump up the health volume of snack time. It’s also a good tool to expose your family to the laundry list of health benefits of plant-based eating - even when it’s one snack at a time.

Sending you peace, love and plant power!
Dr. Qadira

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What is SnackRx?

The pediatrician-created “SnackRx” mini-course teaches busy parents how to prepare healthy plant-based snacks while learning about plant food-power through digestible nutrition nuggets so they can stress less and feel good about serving foods that grow healthy, happy kids!

The “SnackRx” mini-course features seven delicious plant-based snack lessons.

“SnackRx” Mini-Course Lessons:

  • Introduction: Why Plant-Based Snacks?

  • Day 1: Oatmeal Cookie Balls + Plant-Power Highlights

  • Day 2: Jazzed Up Air Popcorn + Plant-Power Highlights

  • Day 3: Whole Fruit to Go + Plant-Power Highlights

  • Day 4: Crispy Roasted Chickpeas + Plant-Power Highlights

  • Day 5: ‘Cheezy’ Kale Chips + Plant-Power Highlights

  • Day 6: Have it Your Way Granola + Plant-Power Highlights

  • Day 7: Homemade Hummus + Plant-Power Highlights

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