Simple Earth Day Tips for Kids 🌎

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Earth Day is a beautiful opportunity to pay tribute to Mother Earth.  Beyond simply paying tribute, the day is a perfect opportunity to think about ways we as parents can pass down a sense of duty and desire to take good care of the planet to our children. In this moment in human history with climate change as an urgent reality, teaching children to live sustainably should be a part of the updated parents' handbook! 

Of all the tips I’m sharing below, I’d say tip #1 is my favorite one because when kids (and we as adults) feel truly connected to our beautiful Earth home, the desire to cherish and safeguard flows naturally.

After that connection is established, sharing other lessons about sustainable living becomes easier and more digestible for even the youngest kids. The desire to safeguard our natural world then stems from that personal connection.  Obviously, there are many other reasons to care like safeguarding the world for the animals and for the human family (current and future). But, since kids are naturally more self-referential, appealing to their personal connection is a simple and effective place to start!

Lastly, the impact of our diet on climate cannot be overstated!  Of the many dimensions of the modern lifestyle that affect climate, what we choose to eat and not to eat has huge impacts on the planet.  Shifting towards a plant-based diet - through reduction/elimination of animal based foods - can reduce climate destruction, deforestation, and species extinction.  The United Nations has declared that plant-based diets have the greatest and most immediate benefit to the climate. Making this transition - family by family - can significantly improve both human and planetary health with sizeable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.  Talk about a win-win!

Read below for a few other tips to engage kids around issues of planetary health. 

What other habits do you try to teach your kids about sustainability and treating our world kindly?

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