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Welcome to the Sprouting Wellness Family!!!

I’m Dr. Qadira Ali Huff, and I’m a pediatrician, lifestyle medicine physician, and plant-based mama. I am on a mission to help families move from “information to implementation” in creating healthy, thriving, joyful lives together

Founding the Sprouting Wellness platform has been the culmination of a lifelong passion for holistic approaches to health, nutrition science, and preventive medicine. I am so excited to share this space with you and be a part of your family’s wellness journey.

As a primary care pediatrician, I work on the frontlines of the epidemic of chronic, lifestyle-related diseases that are starting earlier in children than ever before. I witness children starting to suffer from the effects of suboptimal lifestyle habits related to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, social connection, and handling stress.

On a weekly basis in my clinic, I diagnose children with insulin resistance and diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and behavioral challenges related to high stress. I often counsel parents, too, on how to help their kids when they are struggling in the same areas themselves. 

Fighting for our own and our children's health can be really hard in our current world where stress, processed foods and screens seem to have taken over!  Keeping kids fed, learning (don’t get me started on the ‘joys’ of virtual school), and occupied feels like plenty for most parents.

But, with a little bit of support and reframing, we can use your parenting love, dedication and effort towards building a handful of health habits that can open a healthier future for you and your little people.  

Sprouting Wellness comes with a loud message of HOPE! If many chronic diseases grow out of our lifestyle habits, the good news is WE CAN REVERSE THEM WITH OUR LIFESTYLE HABITS, too! The evidence-based lifestyle keys to good health are:

  1. eating a predominantly unprocessed plant-based diet
  2. moving regularly
  3. sleeping well
  4. loving more
  5. stressing less, and
  6. avoiding risky substances.

The problem I’ve encountered is that the current healthcare system is very limited in its ability to meet kids and families where they are in building the lifestyle habits that really matter. As a pediatrician, I’ve grown tired of having painfully short visits where we barely scratch the surface in talking about what will help each individual family. Kids and adults deserve so much more than that! 

Sprouting Wellness, founded on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine, stands as a part of the growing movement to turn the current sick care model into a true wellness care one.  In a true wellness care model, children and families stand in the middle, as active, engaged champions of their own health using evidence-based lifestyle interventions. The rally cry of this movement is “Plants Over Pills!” 

Before I close, I also have to mention that Lifestyle Medicine is good for doctors, too. Over the couple years of taking my own “lifestyle medicine”, I have reclaimed my health through plant-based eating, regular physical activity, daily meditation and other tools for stress reduction, and rekindling various passions that deeply fulfill me.

I have never felt better in my life, and feeling good translates into me showing up as a better doctor, mom, wife, daughter and friend. To me, feeling healthy is really about opening doors and living an unlimited life.

Thank you for being here!  I’d love to hear about your successes and challenges in #sproutingwellness within your family.  Let me know how I may be of service in your family’s wellness journey.  Through this journey, I wish you great vitality and joy as the springboard to living your best life and to giving your children the tools to do the same.  

Be Well,
Dr. Qadira, MD

Sprouting Wellness Founder + Doctor Mama-in-Chief

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