Plant-Based Bootcamp for Parents:
A Live Course Experience 

Plant-based eating offers countless health benefits for kids and adults,  but it can be tough to know where to begin. If that’s you, then join our interactive  Plant-Based Bootcamp for Families! Course enrollment is now open and class starts the first week of September!

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Plant-Based?! Vegan?! Vegetarian?!
So many terms, so much confusion.
Do you want your family to eat mostly wholesome plant foods that build health, but you don’t feel confident about the how?

Plant-Based Bootcamp for Parents is a four-week live educational experience to teach parents step-by-step how to adopt more plant-based eating for their family. Come with questions and leave with answers, support, and inspiration!

Why Go Plant-Based? Here are a few benefits.

Less Adult Chronic Disease

Healthier, Thriving Children

Lighter Planetary Footprint

Compassion for Animals

Reduce Health Disparities

Feel More Energy & Joy

Course Overview

Class One

We'll cover the latest evidence that showcases the health benefits for kids and adults and also explore dimensions of sustainability and health disparities.

Class Two

We'll cover the whole food, plant-based plate composition, the role of faux meats and other animal replacement products, and how to navigate salt, oil and sugar.

Class Three

We'll cover whether and what micronutrients need to be supplemented on a plant-based diet; the concept of calorie density and why it matters for young children; the distinction between plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan; and the concept of safety and nutritional adequacy.

Class Four

We'll cover batch cooking tips, strategies to engage kids in healthy eating and learning to love veggies; navigating social situations and mixed dietary households; and the basics of behavior change. We'll also discuss opportunities to keep working together!

Course Tuition: $297

Four weekly 60-minute live class sessions covering a different module each week

Live weekly Q&A following each class session with private Facebook group interaction with Dr. Qadira throughout the month

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What Will I Gain From This Course?


Class Worksheets

Digital Course Guidebook

Live Q&A with Dr. Qadira, a plant-based pediatrician/lifestyle medicine physician


Learn from an approachable physician plant-based mom

Feel empowered to transition your family at the conclusion of the course

Feel inspired to take your family’s wellness to the next level with an exclusive Bootcamp discount on lifestyle medicine consultation services with Dr. Qadira


Connect with other families on the same journey

Intimate class size to maximize access for all of your questions!

Membership in the private, ‘Veggie Interested Parents’ (VIP) Bootcamp Graduates Facebook Group

How Does the Class Work?

The course includes four modules that will be taught virtually by Dr. Qadira with class starting the week of September 5, 2021.

Each weekly module presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session.

Each week of the course offers a new module that builds on the prior week’s content; therefore, a commitment to attend the entire course live is highly recommended!

But, we know life happens, and so class recordings will be available for all registered families.

Who Is This Course Best For?

Parents who are ready to make the plant-based transition, but still have lingering questions

Parents who are “plant curious”, but have been discouraged by family members or healthcare providers



Parents who have begun to make the transition, but are looking for pro-tips to make the transition a true lifestyle shift, including how to be cost-conscious


Transitioning your family to a wholesome plant-based lifestyle is one of the best steps you can take to build generational health.

The roots of chronic disease are often food related and typically start in childhood. The good news is that you have the power to give your children and yourself a healthier future - beginning with a fresh approach to food! Join us in the Plant-Based Bootcamp for Parents because you don’t have to figure it all out alone!

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