Plant-Based Meal Prep Workshop for Parents (Live)

Join two plant-based moms (pediatrician and health coach) in a live plant-based cooking workshop that will teach you to meal prep like a champ!  In this workshop, you will learn the benefits of plant-based eating, as well as practical ways to make family dinners healthier and full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.  

What You Get:

Discover the health benefits of plant-based eating for kids & adults

Learn to cook 3 tasty, nourishing, kid-approved dinner recipes

Gain plant-based meal prep
cheat sheets

Participate in live Q&A with board-certified pediatrician


SnackRx Plant-Based
Snack (online mini-course)

The pediatrician-created “SnackRx” mini-course teaches busy parents how to prepare healthy plant-based snacks while learning about plant food-power through digestible nutrition nuggets so they can stress less and feel good about serving foods that grow healthy, happy kids!


Seven easy, delicious plant-based snack recipes

Exposure to the health benefits of plant-based eating

Peace of mind from offering healthy swaps for common processed snacks

Creative ideas for serving more fruits, vegetables, whole grains to your child


To create a legacy of family health,
make sure you build a strong team.

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